Valves and Valve Manifolds

Established in 1967, The GENERAL factory is an ISO 9001 certified company, involved in the manufacture of Valves, Valve Manifolds, Compression Tube Fittings & Special accessories for use in instrumentation hydraulics, pneumatic, which cater to Oil and gum industries, Petrochemicals, Power generation, Agro genic and Vacuum applications.Our Manifolds are available in four different types of designs.


  • Separately Mounted Manifolds (Pipe to Pipe) meant for installation from the instrument

and are usually connected by means of pipes or tubes, pipes and pipe fittings/tubes and tube fit tings.

  • Direct Mounting T Type Manifolds (Pipe to Flange) for the direct mounting on the

instrument and screwed process connections.

  • Direct Mounting "H" Type (Flange to Flange) Manifold for stacked assembly between the

instrument and flanged process connection.

  • Co-Planar Manifolds mounted directly on the instrument eliminating the adapter plate.