Five - Valve, Direct Mounting - H Type

Five - Valve, Direct Mounting - H Type - Prisma Demande de devis

Series: G5VMFF1

Five - Valve Manifold, Direct Mounting - H Type


Five - Valve Manifold Model G5 VMFF 1 is designed for direct or remote mounting of differential pressure transmitters. For remote mounting two oval / kidney flanges are used for connecting process pipe to manifold block. These manifold block incorporate five valves, wo main valve for process isolation valve for vent two valves for equalizing.
Dimensions shown above are for the standard 54 mm or 2 1/8 inch instrument connection Centre distance found in majority of instruments. The manifold is also available for instruments with other centre distances for instrument connections (as 55 mm, 56 mm and 57 mm) but dimensions shown will vary. Please consult us for these dimensions.

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Connections Process : Flanged
Instrument : Flanged
Drain/Vent : ÂĽ" NPT (F)
Test Pressure
@ 25°C Room Temperature
Hydrostatic : Body - 620 bars
Seat - 415 bars
Pneumatic : Seat - 40 bars
Gland Packing
PTFE : Standard
GRAPHOIL: Temperatures above 180°C
A 105, A 182 GR F 304,
A 182 GR F 316, Monel, Hastelloy
Finish CS zinc plated. SS Natural
Mounting Kit Mounting bracket with U bolts and necessary kits
for fitting on 2"NB stanchion pipe stand or wall
mount. (to be ordered separately)
Option Test Port on precess side with plug.
Accessory Mounting Bolts - IS : 1364 - 1960 - 4 Nos
Interface seal - PTFE / VITON - 2 Nos

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