Over the years, Prisma Automation built a first class reputation for designing and manufacturing state of the art fitting materials & valves. In striving for maximum Quality & Value, we set the industry standards for product safety, operability & reliability. Compression Tube Fittings :
Our compression tube fittings are Double Ferrule type fittings which provide leak proof torque free seals at the tubing connection. They provide safety and eliminates hazardous leaks of fluids in instrumentation field for process, pressure, hydraulic & other applicable tubing system The basic tube fitting is a 4 piece fitting consisting of the nut, the back ferrule, front ferrule and the body. When installed, it becomes 5 piece connection with the addition of the tubing providing solid leak free joint. The tube ferrule grasp tightly with no damage to the tube wall. The success of the ferrule lies in the combination of geometry & metallurgy. All the action in the fitt ing is by an axial movement along the tube instead of rotary motion to form a jo int. This axial movements prevents any torque to be transmitted from a fitting to tubing, the making of the joint strengthens the tube futh er. Another advantage of our Fittings is that the sequential action of the tw in ferrule overcomes variations in the wall thickness, hardness and dimensio nal tolerance of the tubes. This way proper ferrule interaction compensates for mos t of the variables which lead to failure in fittings. Our Fittings are easy to install and require no special tools in the process. They are reusable several times and can withstand heavy impulse and vibra tion both in vacuum and pressure systems. Absence of damage to the tube surface prevents fatigue failure.