GSM 8000 - 8 analog input GSM controllers

 GSM 8000 - 8 analog input GSM controllers - Prisma Demande de devis

Référence : GSM 8000

Description :

GSM controller is mainly used for sending alarm SMS and process values to mobile phone.

The families of Networking products cover GSM controller, wireless Ethernet converter (also called wireless Ethernet adapter, wireless Ethernet bridge, wireless Ethernet), Ethernet converter, RS-485 to RS-232 converter, and USB converter

  • Caractéristiques
  • Fiche technique
  • Control/Monitor/Alarm via GSM mobile phone, no distance limitation. User can control/monitor/alarm their devices all over the world.
  • 8 channels Analog input (4 -20 mA)
  • 8 Relay outputs
  • 8 Switch inputs, normal open, close alarm
  • 8 Analog inputs: system can preset 4 mA and 20 mA input value according the real measuring value and setting display unit. It can read actual measuring data via the SMS ( Short Message ) requested, such as CH1= 28.0 C. CH2=53.7 %RH, CH3=7.01 pH........
  • CH8= 230.5 ACV.
  • Enable or disable Analog input alarm ( High alarm, Low alarm ) via SMS.
  • Enable or disable switch Input alarm ( close alarm ) via SMS.
  • Set relay output On/Off via SMS
  • Dot matrix LCD display show Analog input value, Switch input and Relay output status.
  • All setting value will be saved into EPROM IC, no loss.
  • Mobile telephone can call out all channel measuring value, status of Switch input and Relay output at any time.
  • Can default two telephone no., alarm SMS can be sent to two users.
  • Build GSM mobile modem ( dual band ).
  • After the SMS command sent by mobile phone, the confirm message will be sent back to the mobile, safe and no loss.
  • Intelligent application , innovation, wide range, no limitation

Télécharger la fiche technique : PDF manomètre (PDF GSM8000)