USB converter US-101-485

USB converter US-101-485 - Prisma Demande de devis

Référence : US-101-485

Description :

it is converted the USB to RS-485/422, so can be easily adopted for industrial machines with RS-485/422 interfaces. US-101-485 is compatible with fully compatible with the USB V1.0~2.0. US-101-485's electrical power is from USB port and doesn't need any power adapter. You can connect a PC USB port or USB hub to US-101-485 via the USB cable and High-Speed RS-485/422 serial port which features easy connectivity for traditional serial devices in your working environments.

  • Caractéristiques
  • Fiche technique
  • Chipset : Silicon Laboratories CP2102
  • Compliant : USB 1.0 , 1.1 , 2.0
  • Connector : USB type A
  • Baud Rates : Full speed 12 Mbps

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