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Prisma Instruments & Gauge Bourdon France designs measurement instruments for industry, energy production, water treatment and distribution and solutions for the optimization of production processes. Our company is focused on the development, design and distribution of industrial products to enhance the performance of various industrial fields.

Prisma Instruments & Gauge Bourdon France offers several ranges of instrumentation and regulation equipment for pressure, temperature, level, flow, chemical analysis and many others. The instruments are designed for the petroleum, agri-food, chemical, petrochemical, building, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment, drinking water production and distribution sectors among others. The products adapt to all businesses, be they PMI, large accounts, resellers or integrators. You will surely find a measuring instrument that suits you according to your needs.



Industrial tools and instruments

To measure the pressure, whether it is relative pressure, absolute pressure or differential pressure, we offer a complete range including mechanical manometers and digital manometers, pressure transmitters and pressure switches. In the category of digital manometer several manometers as the manometer ADT 681 which shows at the same time precision, reliability and economy. It contains several very relevant applications. Each sensor or instrument has been calibrated and tested at different temperatures before delivery to the user.


To measure the temperature, you must go to the product category "Thermometers & Temperature Probes". Thermocouple or resistance temperature probes and various thermometers are ideally suited for industrial applications. The bimetallic thermometer, for example, makes it possible to quickly measure the temperature of the liquid or gaseous fluids by using the difference in expansion between two metals, forming a flexible bimetallic strip facilitating its use.


Flow rate is the amount of fluid that spills per unit of time. The mass flow (Qm) is expressed in kg / s and the volume flow (Qv) in m3 / s. We have designed different systems to measure Qv and Qm, ranging from the ultrasonic flowmeter to coriolis mass flowmeter to electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, depressurizing flowmeters, venturi type or orifice plate. As for the accumulation of volume or energy, it is measured with liquid or ultrasonic energy meters whose different models are also presented in the category "Flowmeters".


The industrial sector often needs to measure the level in reactors, tanks, tanks or storage bins of the materials used. The applications to capture the level are numerous and it is important to speak to a specialist like Prisma Instruments. Several level measurement ranges are available, from pulsed radar level transmitters to level switches, magnetic level transmitters and hydrostatic pressure level transmitters. Among the level measuring instruments, we offer wire-guided radar level transmitters. Radar technologies are currently hugely successful in the industrial sector for its electronic evolution and computational algorithms, its ability to measure different materials, its insensitivity to various physical phenomena, its high efficiency and many others.

We have transmitters adapted to each type of product and its specific environment.



Access on industrial computing

In order to better execute the organization in the industrial sector, it is important to perfect the systems of design, analysis and programming through industrial computing. Apart from the category "digital manometer", Prisma Instruments offers a wide range of HMI (Human Machine Interface) which is intended to improve the interaction between humans and machines allowing the instantaneous control of information systems. Touch screens, operator interfaces, operator terminals and many others are designed for easy maintenance even in hazardous environments. We offer industrial Panel PCs, paperless recorders, combining robustness and performance adapted to harsh environments. The screens adapt to gloved hands, among others.


PCs & industrial servers that can support the performance of your applications are offered. The selection was made by Advantech and is customizable. Rackable, compact or high performance, they adapt to all needs and make you benefit from a very good price / quality ratio. A range of Serial I / O acquisition modules to accurately gather information to analyze a phenomenon, including observing links between multiple products. Prisma Instruments is renowned for the quality of its modules in the automotive, chemical, petrochemical, electrical, food, metallurgy, oil, gas, material handling and manufacturing industries and many others. The e-net module range is available to quickly network devices. These modules respond to different automations requiring advanced technology. They each have a remote control system (HMI, operator interface, SCADA, PLC ...).


Then, we offer converters as current industrial systems can communicate following different standards, protocols and communication media (Serial RS-232/485/422 Ethernet TCP / IP, Wifi, etc.). The adapters, repeaters, and converters we provide make it possible to transparently resolve signals between serial ports and media. We can thus associate bluetooth, USB, optical fiber to other systems.


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