PI105 Digital Pressure Gauge

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Reference: PI105

• Accuracy: ± 0.2% ± 0.1%, or ± 0.05%, of full scale
• 10 Units: kPa, Pa, PSI, Kg / cm², Bar, MPa ...
• Scale: Any scale between (-1-0) bar to 1600 bar
• Display: Large LCD display with 5 DIGIT dual display
• Keys: On / Off, Reset, Backlight
• Connection: 1/4 '' NPT, 1/4 '' BSP, 1/4 '' G (or customizable)
• Dial size: 105 mm
• Display of pressure and temperature simultaneously
• Stainless steel connection and housing
• Recording pressures max. & min
• Battery alarm function
• Easy to use, robust design and reliable performance
• Lithium battery 1 year battery life 24 hours
• Calibration certificate with factory traceability

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The PI105 intelligent digital pressure gauges feature high-precision sensors that display pressure in real time.
They are equipped with a large LCD screen and have various features, such as zero setting, backlighting, ON/OF button, various selectable measurement units, battery alarm and recording. maximum and minimum pressure. They are simple to install and use. Their shells and connectors are made of 304 stainless steel. They can be used to measure gases, liquids, oils and other fluids suitable for stainless steel. They apply to the following areas: portable pressure measurement, ground pressure measurement, equipment support,calibration laboratory etc.





  • Datasheet

Downlad datasheet  (PDF PI105)