PI700X Digital Pressure Gauge

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Reference : PI700X

• Accuracy: ± 0.02%, ± 0.05%, ± 0.1%, ± 0.2% PE
• 10 Units: Pa, kPa, MPa, PSI, Kg / cm², Bar, mBar ...
• Pressures: Relative, Differential, Absolute
• Display: Large LCD 5 Digit & Bar Graph
• Connection: 1/4 '' NPT, 1/4 '' G (or customizable)
• 7 function keys
• Temperature compensation from 0 to 50 ° C
• Lithium battery rechargeable battery 60 hours
• RS232 interface
• Integrated data logger
• Clean design & high performance
• CE & Exia II CT4Ga approved
• Calibration certificate with factory traceability
• Optional ISO17025 certificate

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Equipped with a high-tech microprocessor and silicone pressure sensors, the PI700X series digital pressure gauges offer an accurate, reliable and economical solution up to 2500 bar. They are very easy to use and are very functional. To achieve the best performance, each pressure sensor is specially aged, tested and tested before assembly. Each sensor was pressure tested at several ambient temperatures from -10 ° C to 50 ° C. Through these tests, individual data is generated and stored in the gauge to characterize its performance in that temperature range. Depending on the model, the PI700X digital pressure gauge can measure Relative, Absolute, and Differential pressures. The measurements are temperature compensated. The digital manometer PI700X has a large LCD screen with a bar graph representing the measured pressure. The pressure can be displayed in 10 units selectable by the user. PI700X Digital Manometers can be used to measure gases, liquids, oils and other fluids suitable for stainless steel. They apply to the following areas: portable pressure measurement, field pressure measurement, equipment support, calibration laboratory, etc.

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  • Datasheet

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