Electromagnetic Flowmeter DEM8

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Communication Protocol: HART ~ Modbus RTU
Outputs: RS485 ~ 4-20 mA ~ Pulses ~ Alarms ...
Minimum maintenance: without moving parts
Multiple choice : Coating ~ Electrodes ~ Structures
Accuracy: ± 0.5% standard ~ Optional ± 0.3% or ± 0.2%
Conductivity of the liquid: up to 5microS / cm
Power Supply: AC220V ~ DC24V ~ Battery
Measuring range: DN15 to DN2400
Display: Backlit LCD display
Rangeability: 1: 100








The DEM8 Electromagnetic Flowmeter, available in diameters from 10 to 2400 mm, has been specially designed for use in many industrial applications, such as the field of wastewater treatment and drinking water, or the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. It has an innovative modular design "PLUG & PLAY" very convenient for installation, use and maintenance that are done with ease and safety. It can be seamlessly integrated into your production management tool, providing accurate and reliable information. Its communication protocols and ports, its built-in recorder, its high-definition backlit LCD display and its optical function keys make it easy to use. ideal tool for your application. Equipped with quality materials, a new compact electronic, It offers flexibility and reliability for a long life and a return on investment.

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No loss of charge
The measured quantity is directly proportional to the flow rate
Wide range of driving diameters possible
Can measure bidirectional flow
Usable with aggressive and corrosive liquids, with sludge
Relatively insensitive to the density, viscosity and flow profile of the fluid
Calibration factor does not change over time
May be preceded by a short straight length

> Drinking water and wastewater treatment industry
> Pharmaceutical Industry
> Chemical Industry
> Food industry
> Metallurgy, stationery, electrical energy, textile ...


Download the datasheet (DEM8 PDF)