DMC300 Coriolis mass flowmeter

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Reference : DMC300

• Universal measuring principle for liquids and gases
• High measurement accuracy: up to ± 0.1%
• Multivariate measurement: mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity
• Independent measurement of physical properties and fluid flow
• No straight upstream and downstream lengths necessary
• Communications: RS485 HART 4-20 mA

The high performance Coriolis Mass Flow Meter of the PI-ZYN series directly measures the "mass" of the fluid with high accuracy based on the Coriolis principle (Coriolis force). The accuracy would not be affected by factors like temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, etc.
And the compensation calculation is not required. The Coriolis mass flow meter consists of two parts: the sensor and the transmitter. Corioils mass flow meter is designed and produced on the basis of national standard of explosion-proof standards (Exdib lICt3 ~ T6).


  • Datasheet

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