Ultra-precision Dead Weight tester

Ultra-precision Dead Weight tester  - Prisma Request a quote

Serie BMH001 & BMH0008

Pressure generator up to 2000 bar
5 piston diameters available
Reference instrument for calibration plants and laboratories
Test and calibrate your digital or mechanical pressure instruments
Specifications: 0.01% / 0.008%
Ease of use and service life












Our Dead weight tester are among the most precise control instruments on the market and have been used in laboratories and factories for many years. They are available in different pressure ranges up to 2000 bar. The choice of 5 piston diameters allows you to select the optimum pressure scale you need. They are designed to test and calibrate your digital or mechanical pressure measuring instruments. Direct pressure measurement (P = F / S) and the use of high quality materials offer low measurement uncertainties and excellent long-term stability.









up to 2000 Bar
±0.01% Dual


up to 2000 Bar ±0.008% Dual