Gas Filled Dial Thermometer

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Model: GDT

Gas filled temperature gauge overcomes most of the limitations of other members of family.
It is offered in a very wide temperature range i.e. (-)200° to 800° C.
Practically any stem length can be offered and capillary length as long as 25 mtr, without any loss of accuracy.
Inert, non hazardous, non toxic nature of the filled system makes it virtually ideal choice of cross section of industries.













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The Gas Filled Dial Thermometer:

  • All SS construction
  • Use of inert gas - N2
  • Rigid stem or capillary type
  • Fast response
  • Non-polluting, environment friendly
  • Non-hazardous for the service
  • High reliability
  • Range: (-) 200°C to 800°C with minimum span of 80°C
  • IP-67 protection
  • Accuracy ± 1% FSD

The Gas Filled Dial Thermometers are suitable for sanitary application.

Download the datasheet (PDF Temperature Gauges)

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