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Model :

The conventional thermocouple is used with an outer protecting tube or thermowell to protect it from aggressive and corrosive process condition. This improves longevity of the thermocouple. However, response time is poor.


To overcome above problem, Prisma Instruments has designed MI Thickwall Thermocouple having thicker wall with relatively larger conductor diameters. This construction enable the user to insert the thermocouple directly in the process without a protecting tube or thermowell, improving response time considerably.









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Type of thermocouple offered under Thickwall:

  • J (Iron constantan)
  • K (Chromel alumel)
  • E (Chromel constantan

Normal Applications of the MI Thickwall Thermocouple:

  • Furnaces
  • Rotary kilns
  • Recuperators
  • Skin temperature measurement of heater tubes

Download the datasheet (Thermocouples PDF)


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