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Model: PI RTD

Any industrial installation has several electrical thermometers such as Thermocouples & RTDs. At a regular interval, these instruments are required to be checked against a ‘Standard Industrial RTD', which has accuracy to the level of 1/10th DIN. with its vast experience in design and manufacturing of precision instruments has developed ‘Standard PT100 Industrial RTD' which caters to such requirements of client.


These RTDs are traceable to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and are either provided with Original Calibration Certificate from NPL with very low level of uncertainty or Internal Certificate traceable to National laboratory. These Standard PT100 Industrial RTDs are manufactured with 4 wire design to deliver highest performance.




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Precision Industrial RTD:

Nominal 100 ohms at 0°C (PT100) Four Wire System.
Temperature Coefficient:
0.00385 ohms/ohm/°C nominal
Temperature Range:
(-)200°C to 500°C (transition and cable temperature 150°C maximum)
Resistance Stability:
±0.20 °C at 0°C after 1000 hours at 400°C
Sheath Material:
Inconel 600
TeflonTM-insulated, silver-plated stranded copper, 22 AWG. Colour Coded as 2 White / 2 Red
Four gold-plated spade lugs are standard. Other options available.
0.04% maximum between (-)200°C and 500°C
Time Constant: Four seconds maximum for 63.2% response to step change in water moving at 1 mps.
Conductor: Pure Silver
Calibration: Includes National Physical Laboratory Certificate in Original. (Calibration points (-)25°C, 0°C, 100°C, 200°C, 300°C, 400°C & 500°C)
Any other points optional.
Probe Accuracy: Includes calibration uncertainty and short-term stability (-)25°C ±0.070°C, 0°C ±0.030°C, 200°C ±0.10°C, 300°C ±0.15°C
Immersion Effects:
Reading will not vary more than 0.02°C when the probe immersion is varied between 50 mm and 150mm in an ice bath.


Temperature Class B
(Full Tolerance)
Class A
(Half Tolerance)
0 C
± 0.12 O ± 0.3 °C ± 0.06 O ± 0.15°C ± 0.030 O ± 0.75°C ± 0.012 O ± 0.03°C
100 C
± 0.32 O ± 0.8°C ± 0.13 O ± 0.35°C ± 0.065 O ± 0.175°C ± 0.032 O ± 0.08°C
300 C
± 0.64 O ± 1.8°C ± 0.27O ± 0.75°C ± 0.135 O ± 0.375°C ± 0.064 O ± 0.18°C
500 C
± 0.93 O ± 2.8°C ± 0.38 O ± 1.15°C ± 0.190 O ± 0.575°C ± 0.093 O ± 0.28°C


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