Digital pressure gauges

A pressure gauge is a pressure measuring device whose function is in principle to measure vacuum pressures up to pressures of 2500 bar or more. There are 3 types of pressure, the absolute, the relative and the differential. The connection can be vertical or back (axial).



Calculate the pressure and the temperature



This product is used to measure the pressure of gases (compressed air, natural gas, nitrogen, etc ...) and liquids (water, hydrocarbon oils, milk, etc. ..) The pressure gauge is used to measure pressure, vacuum or pressure differential. Its use can be in liquid or aerial form. Unlike an industrial needle gauge whose accuracy can not exceed 0.1%. The digital pressure gauge is often designed to serve as reference instruments with a measurement accuracy of up to 0.02%, which is 5 times more accurate than the most accurate mechanical manometers. By these tests, individual data are produced and saved in the gauge to characterize its performance in this temperature range. The digital pressure gauges: ADT680, ADT681, PI700 and PI105 offer an accuracy of about 0.05%, 0.1% or 0.20% of the full scale, a pressure measurement from vacuum to 2800 bar.



Digital measuring instruments

Whether you measure relative, absolute, dynamic or differential pressure, this digital pressure gauge ensures reliable, accurate and economical results. This digital camera can be panel mounted and includes a large, backlit display with a 5-digit definition for graphic and digital displays and an RS232 communication system. These data can be recorded and transcribed on a PC. Digital manometers of type: PI100 and PI80. These devices are equipped with a large LCD screen, and have various functions, it includes 13 units of measurement such as: kPa, Pa, PSI, Kg / cm², Bar, MPa .... Can be used for installations with an ambient temperature of - 10 to + 70 ° C. It is distinguished by an accuracy of ± 0.1% ± 0.2% ± 0.4%, full scale and (-1-0) scales at 1600 bar.

This type of digital pressure gauge consists of a housing with a dial of 100mm, 80mm or 60mm and stainless steel connection, a large 5-digit display for optimal accuracy with backlighting with on / off key reset. zero, various selectable units such as bars, PSI ..., and possible connections in 1/4 "NPT, ¼ BSP, ¼" G, but also customizable to meet your demand.Their specificities are that these manometers are equipped High-precision sensors that display real-time temperature, have a battery alarm function and a min & max pressure recorder for easy control and allows dual display: Pressure / Temperature simplifies the reading of the Bars / Temperature These instruments are suitable for applications requiring reliable measurements in terms of accuracy and stability.



For your industrial equipment

These digital manometers are used in different fields such as: portable pressure measurement, field pressure measurement, equipment support, calibration laboratory etc. We also have other ranges of pressure gauges such as drone tube manometers used in aggressive environment or high pressure applications. But also capsule manometers for checks at low and very low pressures. We deliver these functional and easy-to-use equipment with a calibration certificate with factory traceability, simply add them to your shopping cart to place them on order. All manometers can be delivered with isolation valves.

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