Multi-Port Gauge Valves

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Series: MPV

Multi-Port Gauge Valves


Multiport gauge valve is designed for giving the user flexibility in positioning of gauges or pressure switches. These valve can be supplied with vent valve and blanking plug separately.

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Test Pressur @ 25°C Room temperature
Hydrostatic : Body - 620 bar
Seat - 415 bar
Pneumatic : Seat - 40 bar


Gland Packing
PTFE : Standard
Graphoil : Temperatures above 180°C
A 105, A 479 304, A 479 316,
A182 GR F 316, Monel, Hastelloy
CS zinc plated. SS Natural
Optional Items Plug at Outlet End : Drain / Vent Valve

Download the datasheet répéteur RS422/485 (PDF Multi-Port Gauge Valves)

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