Flanged Ultrasonic Energy Meter

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Reference : DUS-CC-B


Features :

● Integral transmitter suitable for harsh environments.
● High measurements precision, high accuracy 0.1 deg C
● Low maintenance no moving parts or flow obstructions translates into long-term stability.
● Very low minimum measurable flow velocity (0.003m/s).
● Self-adjusting transducer receiving circuit continually adapts for changing pipe parameters such as scaling or corrosion.
● Fast response to flow transients, tracks flow rate changes better than electromagnetic meters.
● Available with optional infrared meter reading function (AMR).
● DC or Battery powered operates for over 6 years*.
● Unique housing design, rated to IP68.
● Flange /body formed as one integrated piece reduces possibility of leakage.
● On-board self-diagnostic function and fault indicator.


Presentation :

Series DUS-CC-B flanged ultrasonic energy meter features State-of-the-Art transit time digital signal processing.
The streamlined, rugged construction ensures high reliability, good stability and high accuracy in all industrial environments.
This self-contained meter has no moving parts and does not require external power to operate the transmitter display. The self contained battery has a life of over 6 yeas*. An optional externally power supply for 4-20mA, RS232/485 output is available. It utilizes a pair of temperature transmitter for energy measurement function. The meters come completely configured from the factory and the only thing left to do is to install them and take readings. The meters have the same to face to face dimensions as industrial water meters making them completely interchangeable.



Specifications :


Pipe Sizes
DN15-DN300. For large pipe size please contact us.
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Range
4-95℃ optional: 4-150℃
Temperature Difference
Temperature Cable
DN15-DN40: Std. 1.5m
DN50-DN300: Std. 5m.
Special requires, please inform us.

Output Type Relay, SSd 
Operating Pressure
Max. Pressure Loss at qp
Conforms to EN 1434




Heating Totalizer (KWh); Cooling Totalizer (KWh)
Flow Totalizer( m3); Flow rate (m3/h)
Inlet/Outlet Temperature (℃); Temperature Difference (K)
Working Time (h); Date and Time
Storage Data
History data of 18 months
Protection Class
Power Supply
High power lithium battery (6 years life)
Output 1. Pulse, RS485 (Modbus-RTU), external 5VDC power supply.
2. GPRS, ZigBee, battery power supply.
Operation Magnetic rod and inside keypad available
Flange/Thread Connection Flange conforms to DIN (EN 1092-1), ANSI (B16.5), JIN standards or other standards.
Thread conforms to EN1434.
Environmental Classification DN15-DN40: Class A
DN50-DN300: Class C


Dimensions mécaniques :